Sunday, April 29, 2012

“A Call to Commitment”

Christians need to be “ready for radical commitment and change.” The Lord calls us not only to leave the status quo, but also to take that calling seriously by following Him.

Following Jesus demands our all. David McCasland

How many of us know that being committed to something or someone will ultimately produce a return of some sort?  This just makes sense right? Kind of like an investment.  I am reminded of my commitment level as I reflect on an incident that occurred on my job just last week. I had to make a decision to commit to my lifestyle of being a child of God or allow the enemy to have victory in challenging my commitment level.  I am proud to say that I walked away with the victory in that situation; however, this hasn’t always been the case for me.  It took spiritual growth/maturity and much needed change to take place in my life before I was able to produce a good return.  At one point; my initial reaction was not to consider my walk and proclamation of living a Christ-like life but to deal with the person or thing and think about God (my walk) afterwards.  When I speak of commitment; I am referring to my commitment to live a life that is set apart from regularity and destined to set and meet high expectations and regard; the ability to rise above every situation and most importantly my commitment in being a follower of Christ.  God also has this same goal for your life.  Sometimes as Christians we are faced with severe levels of adversities that challenge our commitment with God.  Some people often refer to these instances as tests or trials but I  refer them as opportunities.  In any circumstance we are confronted with that may appear to be a stumbling block; we should reverse it and view it as an opportunity.   An opportunity to display our commitment to the call of being a Christian; set apart for God’s propose.  This may come as great difficulty sometimes.  Many of us have not allowed ourselves to be elevated to the place where we are ready to live a life to commitment to God. Conversely, sometimes the pressures of life and the demands or our attempts to meet our commitments and responsibilities to our significant others, our children, our jobs, school and even our church activities get us off track from our commitment to God.  God is calling for a greater level of commitment from us.  He wants us to experience him in his fullness; wholeness in every area of our life.  That means nothing missing; nothing broken but whole and complete.  We will not be able to walk in this level of wholeness without a greater level of commitment.  We have to make a decision today!  Will we choose our way or Gods way?  It is our choice and God has allowed us to make that decision all by ourselves.  He trust us that much to allow us to choose this day who we will serve (Joshua 24:15).  Receiving salvation (being a Christian) is a beautiful thing but it is just the beginning.  Once we develop a relationship with Christ and become a friend of Christ by following his commandments is when we get to the next level; commitment.  Commitment is so much bigger than religion.  A commitment is a term or an agreement that is made between two parties. We established our commitment when we made the decision to follow Christ.  In the same manner we have made a commitment to our children, partner, job, church, etc.  So how do we fulfill our commitment with God at the same time fulfill all the other commitments we have?  I am glad you asked the question.  For starters, begin to commingle your activities with your family life with your spiritual life.  No we are not talking about taking the kid(s) to church on Sunday or you and your boyfriend/girlfriend or friend going to church together on Sunday, great activities but not relational activities necessarily.  What we are referring to is in the morning when you wake up; get your child (ren) or spouse up ten minutes early and read a scripture and pray together.  Have a movie night with your kids and/or significant other, rent a good Christian movie like Fireproof, Jumping the Broom or even a sector clean movie like Blindside and discuss the message of the movie.  Ask the question what Christ-like characteristics were exemplified.  Use it as an opportunity to develop your relationship with them through dialogue about the film and at the time you all will growing in Christ Jesus.  I know it is difficult to balance all the areas in life.  I struggle with this as well.  But I challenge you to make a commitment and commingle your activities and incorporate God at least once a day so you, your friends and family can move towards being set apart for God’s purpose for your lives.  We all experience situations that will challenge our commitment level; but we have to choose to rise above and remain in a committed state and know that small daily encounters with God can make all the difference.  

Treal Ravenel

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