Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Get Over Your Past?~Don’t Look Back-Keep it Moving! Part 1

Part 1 So we are fast approaching the end of another year. Usually this time of year everyone starts looking over the year(s) and tries to figure out what they have accomplished throughout the year or in their life: another degree, better job, new relationship, more money, new car etc. Many of us will look back on our life and see what all we have “accomplished” thus far.

 It is so tempting to look at where we are and feel that we have not reached that point where “we should be by now”. You do not have the relationship or marriage you thought you would have, you don’t have the money you thought you would have and the list goes on. From all this, it is so easy to start focusing on our “have nots” rather than our “haves” or to focus on all of our shortcomings or the things we are not so proud of.

Like that relationship we stayed in too long, that guy that said he loved you and then left you, that girl that was only was interested in your material possessions and then she abandoned you, your ex that you dumped and he/she just got married and now you wish you had stayed together, that house you bought and now upside down on your loan. I remember when I was in bondage to my past. I felt that God would not forgive me for my sins and that every bad decision I made would come back to haunt me.  

I lived in fear which gave birth to anxiety. Regret of past sins and unforgiveness are Satan’s favorite tools to defeat us! The Word says in John 10:10 “The thief comes only in order to steal, kill, and destroy.” The thief is the enemy, Satan, who wants us to hold on to our past, make us feel bad of all the not-so-great decisions in our lives to make us feel worthless or to experience hopelessness. In that passage, it goes on to say “I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.” The Old King James Version states so you can have life more abundantly.

So how do we avoid keeping the thief from holding us in bondage? How do we reach this abundance? Well there are eight things that you can start doing in 2013 to move you from bondage of past mistakes so you can be freed to live in abundance today. (The first three are posted below and the next five will be posted next Sunday).

1.) Stop comparing your success or failure based on other people or material things! Simply put, this is a waste of time and is not a true measurement of anything.  People buy cars, homes, clothes and take vacations they cannot afford all the time! Why waste time being envious of that? God will take care of you His time. Trying to fill your life with material things will leave you short every time. It is like filling a bucket with a hole in it. It will never be filled! So stop trying.
2.) Pray for forgiveness of Yourself and Others, Release of Your Past, and Vision for Your Purpose Pray every morning when you wake up and before you go to bed, that God releases you from your mistakes. Ask God to give you the strength and courage to forgive yourself, forgive others who hurt you either an ex-partner, divorce of your parents, or bullies at school. Whatever it is, ask God to forgive and thank God for His forgiveness.

God gave up His only son for our sins because he KNEW we would not do right. He KNEW it! The flesh is weak. Jesus already paid the price so STOP trying to reimburse Him! Please do not argue with NO CHARGE! Forgive yourself, forgive others, thank God for His forgiveness and move on! 

3.) Read at least one verse of the Bible or scripture a day or purchase a devotional book. I recommend reading the book of James or Psalms. James is very easy to read and to understand. Psalms is more poetic but is very encouraging.

For devotionals for ladies, I recommend Joyce Meyers “Love Out Loud” 365 Day Devotion. I purchased this book sometime last year, but I will be reading it again in 2013! Very encouraging!

For devotion for ladies and men, I recommend T.D. Jakes 365 Day Devotion to Praying, Healing & Blessing. My husband and I have been reading Joyce Meyers. Although I haven’t read any couples devotion, Gary Chapman’s book, The Marriage You Always Wanted is highly recommended by others. Start today with these three actions to start letting go of your past. Next Sunday I will post the next five. Until then be blessed.

Jill Bulluck
Detour Movement Inc.

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