Monday, December 30, 2013


Time is one of the greatest commodities, something we can NEVER get back once it is gone, so use it wisely! ~Treal

People often ask me how I am so good at balancing my life – my priorities, my family, extracurricular activities, my businesses etc.  I would be telling a big FAT lie if I said that it was a natural born talent and it was just easy as 1-2-3. Although, I have always possessed some qualities as it relates to effective time management; there were still things that I needed to implement and stick to  in order to maximize my ability to manage my time more effectively and more wisely.  

Stress and anxiety has never been my friend and one thing that I found out early on in life and in my career is that when I was placed under pressure; I begin to feel stressed and a level of anxiety would hit me which made me feel extremely uncomfortable. Contrary to some; they work best under pressure, but that is not the case with me.  I am overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out under pressure and 9 times out of 10; I do not provide a quality product, but I got the job done.
“Don’t allow time to escape you, use the time allowed and use it wisely!”~Treal

When I do not use my time effectively and I am pressured to finish something; I feel like I have lost control over whatever task or situation I am dealing with at the time.  Many of us can relate to feeling like we have lost control over something. It makes us feel that thing or task has conquered us and in many cases it makes us feel like failures.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t like feeling out of control, and I certainly don’t like feeling like a failure.

How Do I Manage?
Early on in my career/life; I came up with a strategy that would help me stay in control, stay on track and obtain the results that I desired.  This strategy was birthed during my professional career and was used strictly for that purpose however; it can easily be implemented and effective in your personal life as well (personal task, children/family, school work etc.)  

When I first began my career in the Human Resources field, I had the best supervisor ever.  Her time management skills, worth ethic, professionalism and her ability to communicate with others were impeccable.    She was the Vice President of Human Resources and her job demanded a great deal from her.  In addition, she directly supervised employees, was in control over all of the Human Resources disciplines/functions, and she was also over many other departments within the organization and she managed extremely well.  I was quite impressed and in awe of her!

Throughout my career working under her; I made a personal/professional decision that I would model after my supervisor and adopted her as my professional mentor. I watched how she operated on a day to day basis.  She would have projects/tasks on top of projects/task and always executed a quality product within the time allowed (deadlines).   In addition to her work life, she took care of her elderly mom and spent a great amount of time with her immediate family. She would host functions at her house and would cook delicious meals and often brought extras to work.  I wondered how in the world she was able to manage it all and stay mentality and emotionally sound.  To me she never allowed anything to get the best of her, but she did give her absolute best and if that wasn’t good enough; she didn’t stress about it.  We would often have talks and she would give me little tips of how I could be better as a person and a women working in Corporate America. You better believe that I never took her advice for granted.  

Every hour of our work day was used effectively.  When I got into work; I had a project or task waiting for me with a sticky note of when it was to be complete (reasonable deadline). The more I learned and the more efficient I became; the more she delegated other task to me; even those outside of my normal scope of work.  I learned a trick from her in completing the most important task first and then prioritizing all of the others.  At the beginning of her work day; she would have all of her projects/tasks that she was to complete that day.  She would then create a High, Medium or Low priority stack and began to place the projects/tasks into the assigned stack.  After that, she would begin working on each assignment according to priority and would work her way down. Once she finished a task/project; she checked it off of her task list as Complete!


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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Make God a Priority in 2014, Not an After Thought!

Make God a Priority in 2014, Not an After Thought!
Women of the Bible Study 52-Week Study

So over the last month, God has been pressing on my heart to lead a 52-week, focus study on the Women of the Bible based off the book written by Ann Spangler and Jean E. Syswerda.  Although I am truly yearning to deepen my understanding and knowledge of God’s word, I do have some level of anxiety about making such a long commitment not so much to myself but to God and to all of you who will join us on this journey.   No matter how much anxiety and fear I have, I know when God speak to my heart, I have to listen.  I have spent enough of my life ignoring God and doing what is easy and convenient.  Now I am in a season of obedience, a season of being a slave to Christ and what He called me to do. 

One thing for certain, when I obey the voice of God, life has so much more meaning and purpose and the weight on my shoulder drastically reduces because I lean and depend on God to carry my burdens rather than my own understanding and limitations.  So as we prepare to start our 52-week focus study, we invite you to join on this journey.  We will start tomorrow Sunday, December 29, 2013 and Saturday, end December 27 2014. To join this challenge go to left of this page and input your email, name, phone etc and you will receive an email within 24 hours with all the details.

Okay, are you still uncertain about whether or not you should join?  Here are some questions you should consider.

Are you struggling with hearing from God and whether He called you to participate in this focus study challenge? The easiest way to hear the voice of God is this, things that align with the Word of God is from God, things that does not align with the Word of God is not from God.  God speaks through His written Word and through His people.

Are you too afraid about making such a long commitment?  Consider your relationship with God.  Do you say “God is everything to me and I love the Lord”. I have a relationship with God, blah, blah, blah.  But let’s be honest.  How much time do you spend with God each day?  Do you think you can have a relationship with anyone without communicating with them regularly?  Can you really be obedient to God if you don’t know exactly what His’s Word says? Can you, will you, sacrifice 10 to 15 minutes each day for the next year to grow closer to Him? I thought so, go ahead and add your name, email, the left of this page under 52-Weeks of Women in the Bible so you can begin this AMAZING journey!

This 52 week devotion is for you if:

You desire to have a closer relationship with God.

If you struggle to find time to read God’s Word Daily

If you feel that things are often difficult and confusing and not sure where to turn

If you struggle with fear and anxiety about the things of life, relationships outcomes, work, your safety, your healthy, your children etc.

If you want to be part of a community of sisterhood with Godly, loving and compassionate women!  Then this is for you!

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Lies versus Truths of the Benefits of a Husband

On Walk in Your Fabulosity Friday, Treal posted a video about three things women often struggle with in their life and in their relationships. So many of us believe the lies that if we had a husband these problems would melt away.  Well if you are single or have single girlfriends, you want to be sure to check out this video on the 3 Big NO's or mistake for wanting to a husband to make sure you avoid every single one of them!

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Is He the One?

This video covers one of our hot topics, dating!  Our girl, Nikki is trying to figure out if he is the one and she asked us to help a sister out.  We share with Nikki and all of you three easy steps to assess if he is the one!

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