Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fabulous I Am Women's Conference Launch Event! Will You Be There?

We invite you to join us at the Fabulous I am Women of God Extravaganza this Saturday, 25th January 2014 from 7PM to 10PM.

Who Should Attend? Women that want to learn more about getting over the baggage and bondage of their past. Women who want a closer relationship with God. Women who have attracted the wrong guy(s) and want to attract healthy godly relationships. Entrepreneur, ministry leaders, leaders of women associations who are interested in learning more about our partnership & vendors opportunities. Women that want more information about the Fabulous I Am Women’s Extravaganza taking place on May 9th & May 10th 2014? This event is a precursor event to our Fabulous I AM Women's Extravaganza to be held on May 9th and 10th, 2014. The official website for Extravaganza is Enjoy Food, Fun, Faith & Fashion! Prize for the baddest stilettos (boots welcomed)! Prize for the baddest accessories! Prize for the best dress! Come out to learn more about what it means to walk in your fabulosity in 2014!

GOT PROVERBS? Get Your Autographed Daily Devotion As a bonus, all attendees will receive either the ebook (general admission) or autographed softback of the Proverbs 31 Woman daily devotion, entitled "The Transformation Process According to Proverbs...For the Next 31 Days". The book of Proverbs is full of wisdom and discipline and will help you to live a practical life while teaching you what is right and how to obey and reverence God even the more! Many people say we need to be Proverbs 31 Women but what exactly does that look like? We will teach you just that! Walk with us through the Transformation Process According to Proverbs For the Next 31 Days!


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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


So what did I do?  I adopted her system and implemented it when performing my daily task. I became a student and applied her system and it worked.. It worked so well that I decided to implement it into my personal life when dealing with task, people and projects and to my surprise; it worked even better!

They were many other things (too many to name) that I learned from my former supervisor even when she was not directly teaching me per say. Anything she did that made her job or life easier; I emulated and continued to emulate and I have to admit that it still works today. I wanted to be in control of my time and how I chose to use it and I wanted it to be used effectively. 

Here are 8 Tips that will help you manage your time more effectively!
11.      Take a Moment with You & God at the beginning of each day!  I noticed how at the top of each morning my former supervisor would take time out for her before she presented herself o her employees. She would be in her office with the door closed. I cannot say for sure if she was praying or mediating however, she was a spiritual person.  With that being said; I encourage you to spend a few moments each morning talking to God before you start your work day.  If you don’t have an office; you can do it while getting dressed for work or on your drive to work or in the restroom of your work facility.  Simply, pray that God orders your steps; provide you with the wisdom, guidance and understanding on how to go about your day.  Ask God to remove every obstacles, challenge or adversity that will prevent you from being productive, but if you do encounter a challenge or obstacle etc to fully equip you to be able to conquer it.

22.      Create a system that works for you not against you!  Do what works for you in order to make your life and job easier or more manageable.  If there is a role model, mentor or someone in your circle of influential people that has implemented a system; try it out and see if it works for you.  If it makes things easier then you use it.  For me, I live by task list in outlining my prioritiesl and using my calendar (and sticking to it).  I also incorporate “me time” on my calendar.  I am a big advocate if it is not scheduled; then I don’t do it. Anytime someone ask me to do something or attend something; I immediately look at my calendar and other priorities I have going on to see if it is doable. If I can do it or attend or fit it in; I put it on my calendar right then and there, so that date/time is already occupied and no overlapping or over-scheduling occurs.   Know what works for you and what works against you! 

13.      Learn to politely say No! Stop taking on tasks and obligations that you cannot fulfill.  Oftentimes, we place our own self in a rut because we refuse to say no.  We care too much about other people’s feeling and/or reaction to us saying no.  Sometimes no is acceptable and warranted.  Only you know what you can handle from what you can’t! 

4.      Be honest with yourself and others!  Don’t over-promise and under deliver. If you can’t take on the task or meet the deadline; just say so.  You have nothing to prove to others or yourself for that matter of what you can and can’t do.  You know that you are fully capable and qualified to handle the task, so there is no need to prove to others by saying YES to everything. Be honest and only do what you know can finish!

5.      Stop Stressing!  Some things will be out of your control and there is NOTHING you can do about it, but you can however control your actions/reactions on how you choose to deal with the situation.  Stressing over it will get you absolutely nowhere, but leaving you feeling out of control and full of anxiety. If you have given your all and your best; then you have done your part!

66.      The Exception, not the Rule!  Working long and hard and in the middle of the eve/night hours is sometimes warranted, but should not be the norm (the rule).  This should only be the exception and in cases where an emergency occurs or other priorities quickly turned into a HIGH priority, and you were unable to fulfill or complete a previous task and/or assignment that had a deadline attached. 

Note to single women that desire one day to be married:  Even if you are single; you do not want to get into a habit of working long and hard hours all the time.  We are creatures of habit and the danger in this is when you get married; you will still be working long and hard hours all the time.  You will soon find that you are unable to manage your work and your marriage relationship in living a balanced life.  Create good habits before you get married, so that you will not create unnecessary problems.  Create the solution before the problem occurs!

7.    Delgate, Delegate, Delagate!  Use other people, tools and resources effectively.  Stop trying to be the jack of all trades and master of none. If it is not in your job description, then let someone who is qualified and certified to handle it.  Many of us have people in our circle of influence who are great tools and resources, use them.  If your friend is a whiz in creating PowerPoint’s and she has some time on her hand; then ask her.  If you are working on a project that is clearly out of your area of expertise and you can call on someone to assist you; then do so.  Learn to ask for help and stop trying to be the boss or in CONTROL over everything you do!

8.      Prioritize according to you schedule not everyone else’s’! Everything you do or that needs to be done provided someone elses’ request is NOT of great importance.  Remember that technique I spoke about in Part I with the priority stacks or piles? If you don’t have piles per say; you can simply write HIGH, MED, and LOW in your tablet, smartphone notepad or on a physical notepad and list the priorities underneath.   Try implementing that when you are setting out your priorities to ensure that your HIGH priorities are truly a HIGH priority and that you are not merely trying to get things done.  Work Smarter not harder! 

~       ~Treal

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