Sunday, February 23, 2014

Living together Before Marriage

Are you or someone you know thinking about living together with a guy before marriage?  Check out this video on why you should reconsider! 

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Can You Do to Make a Guy Stay?

Sometimes we end up in a relationship where we move forward with our own agenda of getting our immediate needs meant leaving our values and boundaries at the front door.  As women, we have to learn that compromising our values is never okay.  Living together should not be the solution to save money, save time on commuting or an other convenient thing.  God has called us to honor our bodies as living sacrifice, pure and acceptable and part of that is abstaining from sex before marriage.  Living together in such close quarters leads to sexual relations.  Protect your heart and soul and do what is pleasing to God.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

How a Christian Woman Should Dress?

So after spending some time chatting with The Edge Girl,Theresa Spann Founder and CEO of Crimson Charleston LLC this past Wednesday on the 6th week of the Fabulous Women Tele-summit, I picked-up on some great tips for how to shop on a shoe string budget, go out looking like a fabulous diva while still honoring my body as a Christian Woman.  The Edge Girl gave four tips and as a bonus she shared how to dress in modest apparel and what exactly does the Word says about women and our responsibility to not have men lusting after us.  Yes, she said it!  It is our responsibility to wear clothes that isn't showing off the goods that would cause a man to lust after us sexually!  I am only going to share 1 of the 4 tips from the tele-summit!  I encourage you to download and listen to the playback to get all the JUICY content the Edge Girl shared. (Access Playback)  So Tip #2 was  Dress Yourself.  One of the main points she covered was that as women we have to wear what works for us based on our body type (tip #1).  I have more of a Coca Cola shape with my bottom being larger than my top and I am short in stature.  So I find that those lovely long slim dresses or pencil skirts do not go well with me so I had to stop buying them and gave away the ones I had...;-)  Also I am smaller at the top so those push-ups or cross tops does not go well with my body type because I have nothing to hold the top in place. My waist is nice and petite but any further south can be a bit distraction to a guy.  So I have learned to "redirect the fashion traffic" as The Edge Girl puts it by making sure my hair is really nice, wearing beautiful bold earrings and necklaces and keeping a pretty smile. So I went out to a budget friendly store and picked-up some new pieces.  The leather jacket I have on was $40.

Here is me with my new edgy jacket!
Here is a close-up!
These neck pieces range from $7 to $12.  I usually pay $35 to $50 for pieces of similar quality and fashion level!  So needless to say I have already started saving big bucks applying all those great fashion tips from The Edge Girl!
I can't wait to wear this piece!  I love the beading and braids combo here! Did I mentioned I paid $7 bucks for it!

I think this will be perfect for work, church or a nice professional interview!  I have several suits and tops this will go well with!

I can wear this with a nice pair of jeans or dress in the spring time!  Spring cannot get here quick enough.

Here are a few other pictures from The Edge Girl's Facebook page!  Part of tip # 2 was coming out of the safe zone.  Here is a little glance of what she was talking about!  Don't forget to go over to her website and check it out! Just click here!
Pretty girl in pink!  I am loving how the edge girl put these pieces together!

The Edge Girl encouraged us to try new colors and mix it up a bit!  I love this look on the Edge Girl!

I don't know if it is the bag, the shoes, the necklace, the shades or the shawl but something about this look stands out!!! Don't you agree?

Click here to access the playback to get all the FABULOUS JUICY tips from The Edge Girl, Theresa Spann!

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Money Management Tips for Women! Fabulous Women that Is! Feature Erica L. Moore

I am still sitting here completely FULL from all the wisdom and knowledge Lady Erica Moore with “Women with Solution shared during our Weekly LIVE discussion this past Wednesday. Erica provided 6 JUICY Steps to Having Fabulous Finances in 2014. I am not sure about you but I am determined to put these steps into practice, so that I can totally walk into God's design and desires to have wealth and financial peace in my life!  Last Wednesday’s call was mere confirmation of God’s purpose for our finances and for financial gain. I know each year many of us make New Year’s resolution and more often than not getting out of debt or getting our finances in order is one resolution on our list.  Well, this is a great place to start and instead of making it a New Year’s Resolution; I want to encourage everyone to make it a Life Style Revolution! Both Jill & I believe in putting things into place and incorporating them into our life; this promotes healthy change and transformation, and we welcome each of you on this Transformational Journey!

During the 5th Week of the Fabulous I Am Tele-Summit, Erica shared 6 Steps on how to have Fabulous Finances in 2014.  One nugget that sticks to me is that you have to “Confront your bills and debt in order to Conquer them.  You cannot conquer what you don’t confront.” Here we will share the first three quick steps from the Financial Guru, Erica Moore, replay the live recording from last week to get all the JUICY details and we invite you sign-up for the upcoming two weeks of the tele-summit.

Step 1: It is important to understand the Myths & Truths.  There are so many myths that we were either taught in our youth/adulthood and choose to believe for one reason or another.  The whole truth and nothing but the truth is that God wants us to be prosperous in every area of our life for the up building of His Kingdom.

Once we identify the myths and truths; it is imperative that we know what the bible says about the Purpose of our finances and financial gain.

Step 2: Understand What the Bible Tells us.  Here are three scriptural references to check out:
      a.       Deuteronomy 8:18
      b.      3 John 2
                                                            c.       Isaiah 55:10

Step 3: Having a Transform Mind Set.  We have to allow our mindset to be transformed as it relates to our money and obtaining wealth.  The bible tells us in Romans 12:2 "To be transformed by the renewing of our mind."  We have to empty out every false and negative thing that we have been taught about money and made a decision to renew our mind to understand and believe what God says about money!

am so excited to jump start in having Fabulous Finances in 2014 with all these great steps from the Financial Guru!  We shared three of the six steps here.  You can get all 6 of the steps by clicking here.  Be sure to go over to to join the Fabulous I Am Community to get the latest updates on our Annual Live Event!  No matter what part of the US you are in, we want to see you there!  GO ahead and request time off from work!  Save the date, May 9th and 10th 2014!!!  Join the tele-summit for the next three weeks each Wednesday at 8PM EST.  Click the below link to register Fabulous I AM Telesummit for Women Who Want More Out of their Relationships & Life!

~Treal of Jill and Treal

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Monday, February 3, 2014

How to Eat and Live a Healthy Fabulous Life? Restore Your Body with the Restoration Mentor Kat Ponds

So the first step to having a fabulous life and a fabulous relationship is to take care of thyself.  I have to admit lately I haven't done the best job in this area.

After finishing nearly three years pursuing my master's degree which included over an hour and half commute to school each way, I found myself tired and running on low fumes. My exercise regiment was all out of whack and sometimes between a demanding 10 hour day at work, a long commute to and from school and to sit in a three hour class, I found myself eating what was convenient rather than what was necessarily healthy.  I am not just talking about healthy from the general fruits and veggies diet, but based on my unique body and as I recently learned my unique blood type.

Now that I am able to come up for air, Treal and I had the exciting opportunity to chat with Kat Ponds the Restoration Mentor from Restoration from Within to find out how to get back on track!  During the 4th Week of the Fabulous I Am Tele-Summit, she shared five tips on how I could renew my mind, and restore my body right where I was and using what I currently have.  Here we will share the first three quick tips from the Restoration Mentor and we invite you sign-up for the the last three weeks of the tele-summit and replay the live recording from last week to get all the JUICY details.


The first thing you need to do to renew your mind and restore your body is know your blood type!  There are four blood types: 
1.)  A+ and A-
2.)  B+ and B-
3.)  AB+ and AB-
4.)  O+ and O-

After knowing your blood type, you can follow the road map to what foods are right for you based off the blood group you belong.

2.) The second tip is to eat clean!   We learned that it is best to eat God made food (whole food), rather than man made food.  God made food of course is food from the Earth.  Man made food is processed foods made with artificial flavors, preservatives, dyes, sugars etc.  Be careful but yes the oversize strawberries at your local grocery store have been injected with hormones and other chemicals to produce that size.  In other words; it is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) product.  We also learned about product codes.  8 is not great and 9 is fine!

3.) The third step that the Restoration Mentor shared was that we must READ THE LABELS!  If you cannot pronounce it, don't eat it!

I am so excited to jump start to restoring my body with all these great tips from the Restoration Mentor! We shared three of the five tips here.  You can get all 5 of the tips by clicking here.  Be sure to go over to to join the fabulous I Am Community to get the latest updates on our Annual Live Event!  No matter what part of the US you are in, we want to see you there!  GO ahead and request time off from work!  Save the date, May 9th and 10th 2014!!!  Join the tele-summit for the next three weeks each Wednesday at 8PM EST.  Click the below link to register Fabulous I AM Telesummit for Women Who Want More Out of their Relationships & Life!

Jill of Jill and Treal

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