Sunday, November 23, 2014

How to Find Your Identity through Christ? | Uncover your Light!!!!

“The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light” Romans 13:12
I can remember a time in my spiritual walk when I felt that simply going to church and carrying the title “Christian” was simply enough.  I mean, I made a life changing decision to be "saved" but little did I know or truly understand exactly what that meant.  Growing up in a Christian home; I saw my parents go to church often, pray and read their bible regularly, but I thought that was something older saints did.  Being a new age or contemporary Christian, I didn’t know the grave positive impact those simple things had on the life of a believer!  

I want to talk to you all today about becoming a woman of light!  Some maybe asking, what in the world does that mean?  How can I be a woman of light?  Well, I am glad you either asked or pondered on it because I want to let you in on a little secret.  Being a woman of light is simply, understanding who you are in Christ and willingly and obediently carrying out God’s mission for your life.  Yes, that does mean letting go of some old habits, unhealthy relationships, ungodly or misappropriated ways and much more.  To become a woman of light there are some life changing decisions that you have to make – much like the one that you made when you initially gave your life to God.

I know sacrificing things and people that you are accustomed to doing or having around can be quite difficult.  In fact, it can outright be unbearable if you are not able to readjust and reposition your lives and relationships in a godly fashion.  I am currently reading a book entitled “The People Factor” by Van Moody.  In this book, Moody talks about the purpose of healthy relationships and how at times; letting go or repositioning your place in certain relationships is necessary in order for you to live a God filled life or in other words be woman of light.  I want to challenge you on today to take a glimpse at your life and the relationships you are currently apart of and ask yourself, do these things represent the light of Christ?  Do your decisions and relationships draw you closer to Christ or away from Him?  Do your decisions and relationships represent Christ or the devil and do your decisions and relationships bring out the best in you or the worst out of you?

It is important that you not only answer these questions but answer them honestly and be ready to reposition your place in life and in your current relationships if that is what it takes for you to become a woman of light. I would like to leave you with this.  On your journey of becoming a woman of light, know that you will run into obstacles, face countless challenges and be confronted with all kind of adversity.  Why? Because, the devil does not want you to become a woman of light (to live a God centered life).  He doesn’t mind you declaring that you are saved but when you actually start living a saved life; he can’t stand it.  When you make a conscious decision to put away the deeds (acts) of darkness (the world) and put on the armor of the light (following Christ); the devil knows that you mean business (God’s business that is) – and he will try everything in his limited power to stop you, cause you to be fearful, frustrate you and ultimately destroy you!!  I want to encourage you right here, right now to not only declare your salvation but to make a profound declaration that starting today, your light will no longer be hidden and you will be a woman of light!


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Sunday, November 2, 2014

“Single Like Me”

Fabulous Divas, please help me welcome our guest blogger Demetria Jackson!  Leave comments and questions below!

So I am almost 40 years old and I honestly never thought I would have made 40. Who knew?  Life is basically but a vapor at least that is what the Bible says in James 4:14. We are here for a moment and in that moment we must try to do what God has called and set aside for us to do. We must try to live this God given purpose out and pray that in the process we are living a life pleasing to God. In this journey we come across friends and love ones who lift us up and at other times, sadly to say, people bury us in doubt about who we are, but in this process we will come out either victorious or defeated. No matter where you are in life; old, young or somewhere in between, you have a common desire.  I believe we all have had that common desire to know where that special someone is; that person I am supposed to connect with. Men are looking for their ribs and women are looking for their rib cage. But not many are looking to God.  We are desperate to make a life with someone and we do it by any means necessary. 

Personally I have not had a serious steady relationship in my life.  Now, I am no virgin and my story, or should I say my testimony is very long, and being single never bothered me, but it was my “lot” in life. I accepted my singleness and I try to understand it, as I have always been an introvert. But while sitting in church on one Sunday morning, I felt a strong urge to write a book and to relay a message to the masses. The book is entitled the same as this blog: “Single Like Me!” Not being single and never needing or desiring marriage but “Single Like ME” meaning like Christ, not rushing but waiting on God to prune you into the individual who was ready to be ordained with the title husband or wife. Please note, I believe in marriage and if it is God's will for my life, I would love to be married and experience the ministry of marriage.  But I understand that neither marriage nor dating should be about the guy with the biggest bank account, the guy who falls all over me and makes me feel like I am above the world, nor is it sex or just curing the loneliness.

Marriage or the absence of being single is two hearts that beat as one desiring to grow in God to build a family with the common foundation being Jesus Christ.  Basically this means that you have both been baptized in Jesus name and have received the gift of the Holy Ghost and apart and together have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are to seek God first and all good things will be added unto us, but we must seek God. So what are you doing during your singleness? How do you wait, when everyone has you convinced that you should already be on spouse number two? 

Just date unsaved people because they have a good heart and good intentions? Ignore warning signs from God and just hope you get it right, never mind the consequences that affect someone else’s immortal soul. 

These are questions I ask myself: Is dinner and a movie worth the blessings of God? While waiting, should I just dance with the devil and hope God’s grace covers me? Single Like Me; I pray will answer all these questions and more as I allow the Holy Ghost to lead me and direct me in writing and completing my book. I pray that in understanding the stages of singleness, it will produce more healthy and lasting marriages that build healthy productive children and a blessed union should Lord tarry.

P.S. Keep your eyes and hears peeled for the release of “Single Like Me”.

Single Like Him,

Demetria Jackson

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