Thursday, December 25, 2014

A Set Time for Everything!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 “There is a special time for everything.  There is a time for everything that happens under heaven.......”

I know many of you have had an eventful 2014!  Well, I can certainly say that I did.  There were some ups and downs; some good times and some bad times; there were times when I was uncertain and other times where I was undoubtedly sure.  Regardless of what you were up against this past year, I want to encourage you in letting you know that there is a set time for everything that happens (or not) in your life.  If you are anything like me; I like to orchestrate every aspect of my life and when my “plans” do not go accordingly – I at times become discouraged.  It isn’t that I don’t believe that God can and will manifest what He promised but I like to kind of stay in the loop of things.  I know that sounds crazy and none of you are like that but it is my personality and honest truth.   But regardless if my plans or way of doing things don’t pan out exactly the way I thought it would; I do know that there is a set time for everything!

What I have learned over the years is that oftentimes we want certain things to happen in our life according to our plans and in our timing however, God has a completely different timeline already mapped out for us.  If you can only see your life and future the way God sees it; it would blow your mind.  Sometimes, we are so concerned about what didn’t happen 3-5 years ago when God sees us 10-15 years from now.  Trust me; you look better in the future!  While you are waiting to play catch up or thinking about what you have failed at; God is constantly trying to push you ahead.  He is removing people out of your life who no longer belong; He is stripping you of your old ways and behaviors that will only hinder you; He is connecting you with people that will empower, inspire and motivate you to walk in your purpose and He is tugging on you more and more to simply trust Him. 
"A time to Empower - Jill and I at the Women's Power Conference this past Saturday!"

So whatever is happening in your life right now (or not); know that there is a set time for everything!  How can I be so sure? Because the word of God tells us so in the book of Ecclesiastes; Chapter 3 (Read in its entirety).  I often say that everything bad isn’t the devil and everything good isn’t God.  I know we have come accustomed to believing such but I am here to dispel that lie. What I am simply saying is that God does permit certain situations in our life but not to harm us or teach us a lesson.  When God is at work in our life; the outcome is ALWAYS good!  Even though the going through may not look or feel that good.  Romans 8:28 “All things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose”.  So if you love God and are called by God; don’t sweat your current situation or past situation for that matter.  If you are waiting for something to unfold or change its course; wait with patience and assurance in knowing that there is a set time for everything! 


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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Who Are You Trying to Please, Man or God? Jill’s Story

Since I can remember I had a desire to please God.  I recall the first Sunday in July when I was only nine years old, telling my grandma, who was an Evangelist in the church, that I wanted to be baptized.  I had learned that Baptism was needed for me to be born again and to publicly confess my love and commitment for Jesus so I was “ALL IN”.   

My mom had just not too long before discovered my older sister, Sharron, was pregnant so she thought it was a good idea if she got born again too, along with her boyfriend, and my other two sisters, Karron "Kay Elizabeth" and Montreal "Treal". I continued to have a heart for pursuing the things of God I just did not have the right infrastructure and know how to keep me “on the path of righteousness”.   

When I got in middle school, I started developing and older guys were attracted to me as I was to them especially the cute guys. 
Me After I Refocused on Pleasing God Rather Than Man
To make a long story short, one guy in particular kept hounding me and pursuing me to be his girlfriend.  Being young and naïve, I thought he really liked me and he would one day make me his wife.  I learned that was just MY FANTASY. It turned out that he knew I was a virgin and he wanted to have the honor to take that away from me.  So he put his plan into action telling me that if I loved him, I would make love to him.  I liked hanging out with him but I did not want to have sex with him.  I wanted to remain a virgin until I was married.  But connecting with the wrong guy combined with many of my own insecurities, lead that straight out the door slowly but surely.  Unfortunately if you hang around a person/crowd long enough either you are going to influenced them to go your way, or he/she/they are going to influence you to go their way. This time, I was influenced to go his way.

For this reason, is why God tells us that we should not even sit at the table with the sexual immoral.   1 Corinthians 5: 11  Says "But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person."

See some people will tell you, well God interacted with non-believers and sinners. You have to first understand that the above verse is especially talking about association with people who say they are a Christian like you but they do not follow Christ.  (In the old days they called people like this a hypocrite; today we called them Title Christians.Because these people will get you side track and pull you farther from God, God instructs us not to associate with these people. Jesus associated himself with these people because He was in a position to save their life both spiritually and physically.

So today if you are in a relationship with a guy or even associating yourself with girlfriends who are pulling you from God, you need to take a DETOUR.  Either they will win you over to do the will of man or either you are going to win them over to do the things of God.  But the reality is the first is more often the case. Yes, you can and should have a salvation conversation with someone but it is not your role nor your responsibility to use your relationship to try to usher someone to Christ.  No ma'am! That is a slippery slope, meaning very dangerous situation. You trying to save the other person can cause you to lose your life, spiritually and/or physically.  God has already made the ultimate sacrifice through giving His son Jesus, the world does not need you to make a sacrifice too.  People will tell you it is required but that is a LIE!

Think about it like this for a moment.  Imagine your friend being in a large hole, that is 50 feet dip and 10 feet wide and you came across this friend and see them down in this hole and you want to help.  Your friend weighs more than you nearly twice as much. Would you take a 50 feet rope and try to pull him from out of the hole?  Hopefully not!  Because your have insufficient rope, strength and the other necessary equipment to safety help your friend.  It is much more likely, you both will end up in the hole then it is you actually pulling him out.  What you should do is call for help!  Turn this problem over to the authorities who have a rope that is long enough, the strength and other resources to safety pull your friend out of this hole and save his life.  If you are dating or associated yourself with people that are not follow Christ, what you can do is turn this person over to "The Authority" Jesus Christ or an authority in your church because they have a rope, the strength and all other resources to save your friend's life!  Learn from me, don't put yourself in a situation you are not equipped to handle or that requires you to sacrifice your soul! Jesus already sacrificed it all!

So when you try to help someone else or  when you are around people who are not passionately pursuing the things of God, you are subjecting yourself to getting seriously injuried.  This person can take you on an unwanted detour and before you know it, you are serving man rather than serving God. 
If it is truly your desire to serve God and NOT man, then you have to align your life with GOD's agenda and not with man's agenda.  

See the Word of God tells us that the heart of a man is wicked.  Folks are looking out for their own interest not yours.  Don't get catch up in the pressure that you have to have sex to keep a man or that you have to do what he wants you to do to secure a relationship with him.  The devil is a LIAR!  You are not required to do anything that does line up with the word of God and if anyone ask you to do so, you need to run! RUN as fast as you can or get off at the next bus stop or immediately, tell the bus driver to stop, you are on the WRONG bus and DETOUR (Go the other way, the road less traveled). 

The Word of God tells you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God. God even know how many hairs on your head! (Matthew 10:30) You are His unique design!

In Romans 12:1-2 Called you to be a living sacrifice, purely and acceptable in His sight.  He even goes on and tell you how; by not conforming to the patterns of this world but being transformed by the renewing of your mind!  So today I urge you to renew your mind from the things of this world and come into the knowledge of the truth through the Word of God.

I did not always knew or understood that I was working to please man but I did it most of my life unconsciously.  It started with the time I described above.  From that experience, it programmed me to the FALSE thinking that I had to give to get, meaning I had to prove myself for love. I found myself doing it over and over again throughout high school and college and then finally the light bulb went off.  I realized in that moment that I was more concern about pleasing Man than about pleasing God.  

I sit and ponder in my one bedroom apartment at the foot of my bed and I wondered how I got to that point. At that moment it was relieved to me that my fear of being rejected or abandoned by man had become greater than my fear of not being accepted by God. After that point, I vowed to God that I would be more concern about pleasing Him and becoming what He had called me to be over my desires of having a man and the desire of man.  Funny thing how after I made a commitment to God, my first true love, how that made room for God to bless me with a man who loved and respected the fact that I was more committed to God then I was to him.

The man I committed to AFTER I committed to God!
I press upon you today, to evaluate your relationships.  Who is winning in your life?  Is it God or man?  

At this point, we are so far beyond whether it is right or whether it is wrong, it is about why you are doing what you are doing.  If it is to please man, take a DETOUR!  If it is to please your flesh, take a DETOUR! If it is just because it makes you "Happy" but it is not God's will for your life, take a DETOUR!  You won’t win!  Be true to your first love, Jesus Christ.  He will accept you as you are and you will NEVER have to worry about not being accepted by a man! You will know that the only opinion that matters is God’s opinion of you! And He accepts you as you are!

P.S. My life story of believing the lies and uncovering the truth through the Word of God is what inspired me to write my book, Be the Best Version of You - Dispelling the lies and Uncovering the Truth where I dispel lies that are told to women about ourselves, sex and relationships, wholeness and happiness, our relationship with Jesus Christ.  The book will be released in January 2015!  You can pre-order your copy by clicking on the image on the left side of this page in the upper left corner or just click here.  Pre-orders are 30% off.  This is my special gift to you during this Christmas season.

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