Monday, March 23, 2015

Turn Down for What!!! - Part II "Why Isn't God Enough"

Cntd… so Part I of this; there were two questions I said I would answer. Here goes: I honestly believe that individuals love God with every part of their being and with everything in them and desire to live, sold out for Jesus but because they are faced with so many barriers between the world and Jesus; they find it difficult to choose between the two. A lot of this has to do with your mindset changing. When your mindset is changed to conform to things pertaining to God vice the world; the things of the world become less attractive and desirable. As a believer; you were not made to fit in with the world but to do the exact opposite and that is to stand out! All too often; believers try to fit in and find themselves compromising their walk. Being a contemporary Christian does not mean compromising Christ! As I scroll my social media newsfeed and sit in the company of some believers; I notice that compromising has become the norm. People are making excuses for not living a saved life or all the way saved I should say. Living balanced seems to be the norm nowadays, but to what extent does living balanced cause you to devalue your values and beliefs? At no given period should “balance living” cause others to question your walk with God. I love to have fun; sing, laugh, dance and do other things but I understand that having fun should not compromise my walk. Having fun should not cause others to question my integrity, my love for Christ or others. Having fun should not include me making reckless decisions so forth and so on. So to answer the question; God is enough!!!!! In fact, He is more than enough and He wants to be that for you and for me. God is not in a box; He didn’t strip you of your identity or take away your living privileges. In fact, He gave you more privileges and access than you will ever have or be able to experience. The do’s and don’ts were not established to restrict you but to protect you from yourself and other things that would deviate you from Christ and living a productive, healthy and fun life. As the world has an agenda; so does God. His agenda includes you having access to His love, guidance and protection; experiencing an overflow of blessings (both naturally and spiritually); being completely healed and delivered from every hurt and pain you have ever dealt with and the list goes on and on. Throughout scripture; His agenda is made known to both you and me. I dare you to totally deny yourself and allow God to be more than enough today and every day! P.S. Don’t forget to register for the Fabulous I Am tele-summit that is scheduled for 4/1 – 4/8. We have a JUICY line up for you and you don’t want to miss. Click HERE to register! Love, Treal Ravenel

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Turn Down For What!!!! - Part I

We will never get to a point in our walk with God where we have arrived! I don't care if you have been saved for 5 years or 50 years; we will always need to strive for a closer walk with Him. Why? Because, we are flesh! We live in world where we are constantly tempted by things and people to embrace living worldly. Many are often faced with decisions to compromise their walk for the sake of friendship, companionship or to simply not seem so deep and spiritual to the point where you can't enjoy life or people. And society and what it accepts or define as "ok" doesn't help one bit and I believe that is one of the reasons why so many Christians are faced with trying to choose sides, but often end up playing both sides but eventually start leaning toward one more than the other. I know this is the case because I was just like this. I wanted my cake and eat it too. I wanted a relationship with God but some of the things that were going on outside of the church house seem way more fun and exciting. I mean, I didn't mind getting up for Sunday School and Wednesday Worship but outside of that; I wanted to live my life the way I wanted to. After all, God is a forgiving God and as long as I ask for forgiveness from my heart; He has no choice to give me another pass. I honestly felt this way for quite sometime. I grew up in the church since a small child but when I was about 19/20 years old; I made a conscious decision to try God outside of being forced by my parents and loved ones. I remember so clearly; my sister from another mother used to host bible studies in her house and would invite us to attend. Long story short; I attended weekly and eventually gave my life to God in her living room. From there; I was on fire for God and wanted to share with the world my love for Him until something happened. I started losing the feeling of being saved. Eventually God and I's relationship started drifting. I would spend less and less time with him outside of church and guess what? I went back into the world...slowly but surely. At first I was discreet about it and was trying to still look saved but definitely not living saved but after awhile I was tired of faking and hiding and just allowed myself to be consumed with worldly things and people, I loved God and wanted to be a good Christian, but I was still too attached to the world and what it was offering me. Christians were too deep and boring to me and I was all about that life......Turn Down For What!!!! This maybe your story right now. You maybe at a place where you know you love God and want to do right but for some reason; you still enjoy the pleasures of sin. You faithfully go to church and even mid week bible study; pray and do read scriptures but when Friday/Saturday night come around and your girl's call you to turn up; you are all for it. You feel comfortable dancing provocatively, drinking until the point you are tipsy or even drunk; wearing very revealing clothing and may even go home with your dude. You know; the one you been messing with on and off for sometime now. You don't see anything wrong with having a little fun and throwing back shots because you know you love God and we are all a work in progress. Besides, nobody has a heaven or hell to put you in right? Well, the question at hand is Why isn't God Enough????? Why do you still find pleasure in worldly things/activities??? Stay tuned for Part II and I will answer these questions and continue this discussion...... Love, Treal Ravenel

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