Thursday, April 16, 2015

Part III: The Finale: DeFlesh!!!!! (Spin off – Turn Down For What!!!)

God’s agenda for our life is pretty clear. In Part II; I challenged you to totally deny yourself and allow God to be more than enough today and every day! Some of you are probably already looking at me with the stinky eye saying really Treal?? Yes, really my sister!! I know it is easily said than done but, at the end of the day; it is a choice!! You have heard me say this over and over and over again. When you make a conscious decision to live for God; nothing else matters. Will there be obstacles, challenges, slip ups and hiccups? Of course!! You are human; you live in a world where sin and wrong is inevitable and every now and again; you will find yourself in a place where you are not quite comfortable mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I would be doing you a disservice if I pretended that my life was perfect. Trust me; I have my fair share of challenges and obstacles; sometimes more often than other times BUT in the midst of it; I know that I have made a conscious decision to surrender my will to God’s will for my life and I take my walk very seriously. In the same way when I lived for satan in giving him everything – I am doubling it up for God - the limits are off!!! Every day, I am more and more intentional about doing more right than wrong. I have made a decision to renew my mind daily, so that my life is transformed daily. I have made a decision to constantly DeFlesh; Emptying Myself so that God can take up Residency! This process is daily – not on again and off again! Regardless what you endure; how much your past will try and creep back in or how many times people push you to the edge; you have to kill your flesh DAILY, so that you will not constantly fall victim to living a life contrary to the word of God. All of us; yes that includes me, have to consistently and constantly work toward Becoming the Best Version of who we are in God. We can’t be anything else for anyone else until we are who we were created to be by God first! Be consistently constantly in: 1. Identifying and Uncovering areas in your life that is not pleasing to God! 2. Willing to change your actions/behaviors that dishonor God! 3. Making an intentional decision to do more right each day than wrong! 4. Taking control of your spiritual growth by taking action! When you are able to infuse all 4 of these steps into your life daily; you have a much better chance in emptying yourself, so that God can take up residency. And if you are saying well, Treal, I tried to do that but it still seems hard; I still find myself in this emotional, mental and spiritual cycle of defeat no matter what I do. I hear you; been there and done that more times than I would like to admit. So with that being said; I want to give you 5 Secrets to Successfully Defleshing!! I am using the #5 because it represents grace for you and me. Here goes: 1.Get your mind Right!!!! Your old way of thinking has to Go!!!! 2.Crucify your Flesh – basically, tell it NO!!! You have power over it; it does not have power over you! 3.Sisterhood!!!! Join and stay connected to a community of women that will help you on this journey!!! This is vitally important and will help you in so many ways!
4.Never stop growing!! Self-development and growth is imperative in your walk!! Take advantage of resources be it books, audios, cd’s, bible studies, workshops, conferences etc that are geared toward helping your growth! Don't allow the cost to be a factor, because the cost later on of you not taking advantage of growth opportunities will be more than you are able to pay!
5.Have Fun and Give yourself a break!! It is not hard to live for God but it is a choice!!! You can still have fun and live holy all at the same time but 1-4 have to be in full effect!!!
There is no way you can be full of God’s Glory and be full of mess all at the same time because the Glory will prevail everytime! The word tells us that no flesh can glory in God’s presence (1 Corinthians 29-31); the word furthers tells us in Revelation 3:16 that we have to make a decision to life for God or not; there is no in between! So, what will be your decision today? If this has been your struggle for far too long; I encourage you to contact us at, so that we can offer support in being of service to you in this process of DeFleshing. The decision to DeFlesh isn’t easy at first but it is doable. All you have to have is a willing heart and made up mind that you want God to occupy that space that belongs to Him. We love you all so very much but God loves you best! ~Treal Ravenel
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