Saturday, June 20, 2015

"How to follow God" - Unfamiliar Territory!!!

So as I approached the Charleston International Airport on this morning to fly out to Huntsville, AL; I noticed alot of changes had taken place since the last time I flew which was only a few months ago.  As I walked out of the parking structure where I left my car and onto the ramp leading into the Airport; I noticed signs stating  Detour!! Most of the area was blocked off due to construction and there were only a few entrances where guest were allowed.

As I followed the signs, it led me through an area which remided me of a tunnel.  As I was walking through, I became skeptical of me reaching my final destination.  Surely,  this path won't lead me there, which was ticketing.  Against my own personal gut and nerve to want to be in control, I continued to follow the path. After walking for a while in this unknown territory, I noticed another sign that said Detour with an arrow, assuring me that I was going the right way.  I have traveled using this airport many times, but what was once very familiar and common was now very unfamiliar and uncommon. 

It seemed like I was taking forever to get to ticketing and this new way took me on a long, alternate route. I had a flight to catch and was honestly press for time so trying to figure it out in that moment was out of the question.  Instead,  I followed the signs that would ultimately lead me to my final destination.

Oftentimes, God provides to us a Detour, but we being the very intelligent and some of us (me) slightly controlling individuals we can sometimes be are not always open to taking them, especially when it's unfamiliar and uncommon.  Many of us are used to making our own decisions at will without assistance of another be it God or anyone else.  We view the dynamics of our life and certainly see where we have made tremendous progression in multiple areas, and we have a tendency to secretly but passively pat ourselves on the back in saying well done.

Even with our urge to give human praise,  deep down many of us are undoubtedly convinced that God provided several Detours and that is the only way we ended up here.  At one point in my life, I was not open to taking the Detours presented to me.  Why?  Because although God provided me with a Detour, the ambiguity of me not knowing where, what, how or when would gravely affect my human ability and need to understand.  I would question God the entire time rather than simply follow the path in which He was leading.

How many of you are at this place right now? God has provided you with a Detour, but your human need to understand the how, what, why and when is consuming you? God is trying to take you down a path that will lead you to your final destination, but because it's unfamiliar and uncommon; you are, questioning Him and refuse to just jump in without knowing all the details.

I want to encourage you for a moment, the more you try to understand God through your natural instinct;  the more unrecognizable He becomes. The natural wo/man cannot understand spiritual things and the more you try, the more frustrated and doubtful you will become.  Although the path is unfamiliar and sometimes scary, trust God to lead you to your final destination.  On this journey,  you may have to take a route you've never taken before, you may have to walk through tunnels,  take the long way around or even use alternate means in getting there, but I can assure you if you  simply follow the signs, you will arrive at your final destination!

For those of you who haven't already, I want to charge you to register for the Fabulous I Am Conference that will be held here in Charleston next weekend.  We will certainly be covering the dynamics of God providing alternate routes of you getting to your final destination.  Until Sunday at 11:59PM EST, we are offering a bring a friend special.  For those who already purchased a ticket, you can bring a friend for only $35!!! Now, that's uncommon and unfamiliar!!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity, you never know, you attending this conference can very well be the path you need to take on your way to your final destination!! Go to and use promo code: bringafriend2015.  All ticket sales will end Wednesday, June 24th so get yours today!


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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Keep your opinions to yourself! “Undercover Critic”

The Struggle:  You know some of us have or had a habit of saying things based on how we feel/felt at the time. It can be a mere expression or version of the truth, something that's evident or otherwise.  Saying what you feel or expressing your thoughts toward someone is not always the best or right approach. Even expressing the truth or something that may be apparent about someone to someone else is not always the best approach. In fact, that can very well turn into cruel or inappropriate jokes or even gossiping if prolonged. I know we don’t think about it in this way and even now some of you may be saying, Treal, you are too deep; it isn’t that serious.  Well, I have to beg to differ and tell you that it is that serious.  The bible tells us that life and death is in the power of our tongue and this refers to spiritual death.  Death by our words – what and how we say things about and toward people. Sometimes doing this can come off as you being a critic more so than you just stating or pointing out the facts. Often pointing out things about people (rather true or not), their life, their lifestyle, things you have noticed, you don't agree with or simply don't like - - is not your responsibility and more often than not; it isn’t warranted.  That is why we have to be ever so careful how we spend our time dwelling or discussing things and people.  At no given time, should we take simple pleasure in discussing the dynamics of someone’s life and especially if it is something that can be hurtful or negative.  This can come off as being cynical and insensitive toward others.  If you absolutely have to get something off of your chest concerning someone; there is a right way to do it but unfortunately, most of us do it the wrong way often resulting in offending others.   

My Truth:  I had to deal with this area in my own life.  Although, I felt like I was speaking the truth and pointing out something that was apparently noticeable in others; in hindsight, I was an undercover critic. I really didn’t realize this was an issue until I witnessed others being critical toward other people.  It bothered me to the point I began to feel a discontentment toward the critic.  God outright showed me that the reason it disgusted me so badly is because that was a part of who I was.  I was like wow God!!!  Is that how I am toward other people when I am merely stating facts, my opinion or what is evident?  This can be something as simple as someone not being dressed to par (in your opinion), physically or spiritually out of shape, someone’s lifestyle (especially if it doesn’t look like yours) or whatever and you making a suggestion or comment.  It doesn’t matter how small or large; the fact still remains that sometimes it is best to keep our thoughts and opinions to ourselves.  In fact, unless someone ask or gives us permission to make a suggestion or give our opinion concerning them or their life; we have no right to speak on it.  We have to master the art of silence as it is one of our greatest strength!!  We have to learn to pray more and talk less and the more we practice this; the easier it becomes!!!

God’s Word Gave Me Life: It was only when I began to get into the word of God concerning other areas in my life and desiring a stronger relationship; God was able to reveal to me this issue. Beforehand, I was not able to see it in my own life, but was able to quickly point it out in others.  This happens when you refuse to look in the mirror (the word of God) to see what areas in your life need changing.  When you are busy trying to fix others sometimes fixing yourself or allowing God to fix you takes a back seat. At this point in my walk, I am constantly asking God to fix me. I am now able to quickly point out my own wrong areas and go to God in prayer and through His Word for an anecdote.  If you are struggling with this area or any area in your life where you know change is needed; pick up the book of Life.  You may be feeling some type a way about something or someone and you desire a change in your attitude, behavior and actions ....get in His word. God’s word will reveal the absolute Truth about you!!  It will uncover areas in your life that you probably had no idea existed, but it will also help to cover (heal) you, wash (renew) you clean and bring life (restoration) to you. The bible isn't just some book with a lot of stories and rules; it’s a book of life and I encourage you to choose life today. 

Join me on this Journey:  I encourage you to join me on the journey of allowing the Word to give you Life on today.  I am not talking about physical life but spiritual life.  Allow the word to wash and cleanse you - - to heal and deliver you in areas of your life that you know undoubtedly are not pleasing to God. This will only happen when the word gets inside of you. It is like medicine; it can’t work unless it is inside of you.  One way you can do this is to register for the conference next weekend; Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th will be two Power Packed Days designed to Evoke Change and Produce Life Transformation!!  This very well can be the starting point you need to the Word becoming Life within you.  Go to to register today!!  


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