Sunday, September 20, 2015

How do I stay saved? (It's hard living for God)

Happy Sunday Queens.  What I'm about to say is raw, uncut but truth!!!! When I got saved and even early on in my Christ following journey; I was more apt to struggling with sin because I didn't have the available or local support or resources to stay saved.  I was told how to get saved by believing in Jesus etc etc but was not given step by step instructions on how to be successful in my walk.  Granted, yes the bible are instructions however, I wasn't clear on how to use it, understand it or apply it.  Thus, I honestly believe if I had access to tools and resources that were biblically based but practical and instructional, I wouldn't have learned so hard.  A lot of things I repeatedly went through was because I lacked the additional support I needed.  Unfortunately, there are many churches that only show/tell you how to get saved but are not able or equipped to give you step by step instructions on how to stay saved, save your marriage, stop fornicating, deny lust, temptation etc.  They focus on tradition and religion but not relationship building which ultimately is the anecdote of you staying free. So you go week to week to get your spiritual fix but failing in so many areas of life.
I am convinced that there is no reason why any of us should still struggle with some of the things we do because of the level and access of support that is available.  What I've found to be true is that most people who struggle with the same areas of sin refuse to apply what they learn.  They refuse to invest in their spiritual well being and growth and continue to use excuses like "Noone is perfect; I'm a work in progress, I'm under construction, God isn't through with me yet" etc etc.  While all that is true even God's grace runs out.  There will come a point where He releases those who refuse to apply the word they've been taught (Romans 1:28). 
Listen, your spiritual growth and development is just as important as every other area of your life if not more.  Investing your time and resources in things of no value and purpose isn't beneficial.  This looks like choosing to spend hundreds of dollars on weave, nails, secular concerts etc vice attending a life and relationship transformation event or something that will aide in your spiritual growth and development.  The only way you are going to deal with and overcome those same issues, problems and struggles is if you take intentional action.  There won't always be someone available to pray you out of the same things over and over but you being equipped will give you leverage over satan and your flesh.
I want to encourage you that after today to take action!!!! What does that look like?
1. Make up in your mind that you are tired of making excuses.
2. Commit to taking a step further to help you grow spiritually.
3. Follow through by investing in you.
There are several opportunities available through Detour Movement Inc that will help you be successful on your journey and Jill and I are committed to serving you. We are invested in you but we need you to say yes.  Below, I am including a link so you can schedule a 20 minute FREE online session with me and Jill so we can gain a better understanding on how can we serve you batter. We love you so much but God loves you best.  We look forward to serving you.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Don't Rush the Process! (Assigned Seat)

So while checking in for my flight to Tucson, AZ on last week; I was prompted by the kiosk to volunteer for a later flight.  I immediately thought to myself that the airline overbooked which is quite typical.  I got all checked in with no problem and although there was an extended line for screening, I was grateful that I have access to TSA pre check, so I was able to avoid that daunting screening process.  As I was walking up to my gate, I then noticed another very long line of people waiting to board the plane. I heard the airline representative overhead requesting guest to check their bags due to limited overhead space.  I thought again to myself, this flight is overbooked.  Zone 1 boarding was complete and for a good 10-12 minutes, the airline refused to call the next zone to board.  While everyone including me was trying to figure out what was going which was apparent by way of our verbal and non-verbal cues, we all just stood there waiting for instructions as the three airline representatives stood in a huddle talking. Obviously they were strategizing a plan of some sort and surely they will notify us of was going on soon.  Within minutes, Zone 2 was given the ok to board, which was my zone.  When the zone was called to board, the people all rushed toward the door like a pack of wolves as if the plane was going to leave without them.  Some guests were insistent on not allowing others to get in front of them by jumping the line.  Others stood very close to the person in front of them while others kept their eyes straight forward all but ignoring any and all distractions from others.  In that moment, I said in my mind "Assigned Seat." Basically, it didn't matter who got on first or last, we all had an assigned seat that belonged only to us.

I thought about how applicable this was in life and in the Kingdom.  You were all carefully crafted for a specific purpose and regardless of what anyone attempts to do to keep you from fulfilling your purpose, you all have an assigned seat aka specific assignment which can only be completed by you! I don't care how many people are doing it or how good they are at doing it; you all bring something unique and special to the table; something tailor-made. Each of you have an expected time of when your purpose will be birthed and fulfilled, it's simply a matter of when and how.  No one has the authority, power or control to jump or get ahead of you in the process because you're operating in God's timing and His timing is perfect.  You don't ever have to fear getting left behind, others getting ahead or being kept out of the loop. 

So on a final note; don't be discouraged when you are faced with long lines, unfavorable news or when people refuse to let you in the line on your journey.  Be fully assured that you have an Assigned Seat; all you have to do is occupy the space that already belongs to you unapologetically!

Love you sis, 

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