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Should Christians Date Online | Christian Dating Advice | Relationship Advice

Should Christians Date Online | Christian Dating Advice | Relationship Advice Christians date online?  Is that being too aggressive?  Is that really waiting on God?  May be some of the questions you are going back and forth in your mind. Well let me give you my take on it.  It is not about your geographically location.  Grant it some places are more desirable than others to meet someone. Ofcourse you don't necessarily want to be backing that thing up, up in the club twerking it.  Talking about, " oh he is going to be my husband".  How he look?  How I look? HOT.  SO STOP!

I am not saying where you meet someone is irrelevant but what I am saying is rather you meet someone at the gas station, the grocery or online that is not what it is really about.  It is about your motivates and where you are in terms of your mental and emotional space because that is who you are going to attract where ever you go.  (Click to watch the video or just keep reading.)


If you are a really busy person, working ten hour days, you are in law school, single working mom with kids and back in school and you are doing a lot of things and you are not getting out much not because you don't have the desire to, but because you have your plate full then dating online may be for you.

First ask yourself if you truly have time to invest in a relationship because you will have to sacrifice some of your personal time for that relationship.   If you say you do have time, as you spend your down time unwinding and you would really like to share that time with someone else then you may be a good candidate for dating online. Or if you live in a community where the quality of men are on a different level mentally, spiritually and even financially then where you know God is taking you then online dating may be for you.

Let me be very transparent for a moment, I dated online.  I am an introvert. I am part of the introvert nation and I like to spend a lot of time in my head, relaxing and thinking. I get out when I have to or when I need to.  In high school up through my mid-twenties, I found that I was often a victim of my environment.  What I mean by that is because of the community I found myself in, many of them not the most desire, I attracted men from my local area.  Growing up, the next block all the high school boys sold drugs and then soon found themselves in and out of jail.  Then when I lived in San Diego and as a broke college student and recent graduate, I worked at a bar in the hood.  With that being said, I attracted and dated guys who I came across in my every day life like many people do today. 

Online dating breaks the barriers and limitations of your community, your cities and your state.  You have to get to a place where you will no longer to be a victim of your situation or your circumstance.  Don't sit back and wait to be chosen by guys that God never intended for you to be with in the beginning. 

My husband and I first connected with one another online. Then from that connection online, we met in person at a speed dating event.  I did not speed date but he did. Listen, after he connected with me, he was not interested in speed dating but he got recruited by the event host, so he obligated. Here we we are over five years later and four years of healthy happy marriage coming up!

So I will tell you, yes it is okay for Christians to date online. It is not about your physical zone code as it is about your mental and spiritual zone code so the where is just secondary.  Ask yourself, why do you want to date online. If you are dating online because you are desperate and you don't want to wait any more, thinking or saying to yourself, "It is my time now, I don't want to wait any more.  I am 40 years old, either he comes now or not at all".  I will tell you to take a step back and see if you are truly hold as a single woman.  The truth be told even when you get marry, having a partner is not going to fulfill that level of loneliness.  You still are going to have to have your own life.  So my advise is find your life before you become his wife!

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