Sunday, October 16, 2016

3 Ways to Win At Life

Many of us want to win souls for Jesus but we are losing horribly in our personal lives. So many marriages and relationships in the body of Christ are falling apart daily; many are broke and broken, Christian businesses are failing; children are going astray and the list goes on.

 Our foundation has been shaken and the word says if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? We have to get back to foundation and fundamental principles if we want to win in life.

There is so much confusion between accepting or acknowledging that Jesus died on the cross and rose the third day (confession) and living holy (filled with the Holy Ghost). Many people feel that when they have accepted Jesus as their personal savior, then that is it, they go about their lives doing what they do best in hopes of things just getting better on their own. But what many people do not realize that in order for you to be able to really live for Christ, live a life that is pleasing in his sight and to live an uncompromising life aka win at life, there are three areas you have to constantly work on so that you cannot only win souls for Jesus but you can win in your own personal life.

I was once at a place where I was so anxious and committed to winning souls for Jesus but I was losing at life. I was not winning in my relationships, my finances, my behavior, my attitude and other areas. I was living a defeated life but going to church religiously and doing church activities.

Disclaimer: Just because you are doing godly things doesn’t mean you are doing God. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that you have to live a flawless or live a perfect life but what I am saying is that our lives in its entirety should be evident that we are followers of Christ. Who would want to follow someone their whole life only to remain defeated? Defeat produces corrupt fruit. The fruit of what we do every single day should reflect Jesus. The fruit of our lives, relationships, money, businesses, marriages etc should scream loud and clear that we are Winning!

The easiest and most effective way to win someone to Christ is to win in your own life. People are drawn to those that are blessed not those that are broken! As I was thinking about this and trying to see how you can go from not only winning souls for Jesus but to winning in your personal life as well; I thought of three ways on how to do this.

The first thing you have to do or be in order to win in your personal life is practice Discipline. Yes I know we've heard that word so many times before and many of us have run away from that word but to be disciplined is to have order and structure in your life. To be able to have standards and set boundaries and limitations of what you do, where you go, what you say and how you live your life daily. Discipline helps you to be consistently constant in every area of your life mitigating confusion and chaos. By definition to be discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior. And for our purposes when it talks about training, for us (believers) it is training your flesh, training your mind; renewing your mind, submitting to God, resisting the devil and surrendering your flesh to the spirit of God. Going to church on a weekly basis is not discipline. It is simply a ritual or an obligation in which we all should partake in but that alone does not constitute discipline. So many have gotten discipline and living for Christ confused with going to weekly church services.

The second way you will be able to win in your personal life is Discipleship. Discipleship is basically you making a decision to pick up your cross, meaning to let go of the way you do life and to follow Jesus. To be a disciple also means that you are committed to winning souls for Christ by the way that you live. The full definition of being a disciple is one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrine of another and it refers to the 12 disciples that we read about in the word of God, those that Jesus trained to be able to go out in the world to spread the gospel. The best way you can win others is not necessarily by what you say but by what you do. It is your life living that is going to draw other people not only to you but also to Christ.

We just started our Kingdom Women discipleship classes a couple of weeks ago via Facebook live and it has been absolutely amazing. It's something that God placed on me and Jill's heart because we realized that so many are being taught on how to do church but they're not being taught you how to do life.

If you're interested in learning more about that discipleship training please email us at and put Discipleship training in the subject line and we will be able to give you more information. In the meantime, join our Kingdom Women Lounge Facebook group by clicking HERE to get regular updates and notifications.

The third way you will be able to not only win souls for Christ but start to win in your own life is Development. These 3 areas working together will help you win in your own relationships, your own marriage, your own finances, with your own children and your family and most of all begin to experience all the promises that God has laid out for your life. The word of God tells us in 2 Corinthians 1:20 that all the promises in God are yes and amen and in 2 Peter 1:3 reminds us that God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, so it’s imperative that these three areas are working and operative daily in your life.

When you are focused on your personal and professional development, you are working to prepare and position your mind, body and spirit for the next dimension God has for you. Development is a daily process and it takes a tremendous amount of work on your behalf. The work will require you to be intentional about your growth and development. Nothing happens by chance so you desiring a closer walk with God, desiring a better relationship with your husband and / or children or significant other, you desiring for your financial situation to get better or even your business to be successful; there are things that you have to do intentionally every single day to evolve mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually and relationally.

There are self initiated steps that you will have to take to contribute to your own growth and development but you have to be proactive and ready to take the first step. You cannot make others responsible for where you are or where you're going in life. The same with Jesus, when he was teaching the disciples to win at life, they had to be willing participants and committed to their own growth and development as much as he was. If you need a push in the right direction or just need for the support on your journey, I encourage you to join our Kingdom Women Lounge group via Facebook. This group was specifically designed to help women grow a closer and deeper relationship with God, and to understand their value and purpose in the Kingdom.

If you need even more support and desire to explore Kingdom Women membership, click HERE or more details and to sign up. Now that I've said a mouthful, I hope that while reading this you didn’t look at it as another blog but you read it with the intentions of taking action, taking the next step to winning in every area of your life. God wants our personal lives to be just as abundant and prosperous as our spiritual life. 1 John 3:2 assures us so when he clearly that God wishes above ALL things that you may prosper and be in health EVEN AS your soul prospers. Let’s not just be or become a group of spiritual profound individuals without being effective or prosperous at life but let your light so shine so that men may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Your light shining is not only in a spiritual sense but your entire life being a showcase or being a beam of light for people to see that Jesus is just as concerned about your natural success (life) as he is your spiritual success (godliness). Let's draw others to Christ by winning at Life!!!

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Love you sis, Treal Ravenel

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Monday, October 3, 2016

It Is Time to Get Real with God! | Closer Walk With God TODAY! | Christian Blog

Did you know I was one of those preacher kids who got saved at nine years old? Yep, on my own, I raised my hand to be baptized and accepted Jesus Christ in my life.  Although I met the minimal standards of being saved, as I got into middle school, I struggled with living up to God's standards.  

Well that probably is an understatement.  Actually, I lived a pretty raggedy life. I was in and out of relationships with all kind of guys from dope dealers to jail birds who did not mean me any good. 
After cycling in and out of dead-end relationships,  when I graduated college I started to get sick and tired of being sick and tired.  So I rededicated my life to Christ.  Up to that point, I had spent little time studying the Word of God and even less time praying. It wasn't until 2008 when I had to teach girls Bible Study did I start reading the Word of God on a regular basis.  

The closer I got to God, the easier it was to obey Him.  The more I prayed and obeyed, the more I started seeing God's promises manifest in my life from my career (2008), to my finances (2010), to my family(2012) and now in our business. 

I just wanted to slide into your inbox real quick and say it is time out for pretending and half stepping! We are about to dive deep into our Father's business so we can claim everything He has promised us: peace, joy, love, prosperity, sound mind and the list goes on!  

You may be struggling with your current state of singleness wondering why you are still single or your marriage may not be what you thought it would be. Even if you marriage is peaches and cream,  my question to you is, how can you expect to submit to a man and you can't even submit to God? I call that displaced loyalty.  Let's get your house in order!

Starting tonight, we are hosting Kingdom Women School! These classes will be held Mondays at 8PM EST.  These classes are for any women who wants to truly grow in their walk with God with a structured plan that can guide you step-by-step and day-by-day in growing in God for real for real.
No preparation needed tonight. We will tell you everything you need to know on the live broadcast! 

You can join the DMI Kingdom Women Lounge Facebook group by clicking here! This is a place to connect with genuine women who are about having a Christ-centered life and relationships.

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P.S.S. If you are in or around the Delaware or DC area, join Treal and I at the 2nd Annual Live on Purpose Conference  Click here to learn more!

Become a member today by clicking here.  The basic level is FREE which includes access to the KW disciplineship class.  When you click here, scroll down to the bottom of the page and complete the application.  Then head over to our DMI Kingdom Women Lounge group so you can connect with genuine women who will love you like a sister or should I say a "sista".

Author Jill Bulluck, Detour Movement Inc.

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